TED Talks

Hi bloggers. Today we just watched a video called Ted. In the video they were talking about how if you search something on two different computers, both computers will have different search results. No matter what type of computer, where you are or what signal. When I watched this video it really surprised me that each company would go so far to manipulate what you looked at and change it to things you liked. I also felt that that it would be kinda cool to have things that are related to what you like to look at come up right away so you wouldnt have to search around for it. But then it would kinda be bad because with that happening you couldnt explore and find different things that you might also like. One thing I liked about the video was that he showed so many pictures to try and help us understand what he was telling us and it worked. By watching this video and if I was doing a school search project it will make me think to look more into the research im finding because what comes up will make make me think I have enough because it comes up with stuff that is relevant. One question about the video I watched was how long ago did they figure out that the computers started to change and be in a way better but also in another perspective worse. One inspiring thing that I felt  when I watched the video was that it tought me how confusing and advanced they can make each type of computer.