Smosh is an internet sensation of two guys, Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. They are the most subscribed channel rounding out at almost 10 million subscribers. There first website started in 2002 when Anthony made it and they called Smosh for there mistook a friend saying mosh pit and thought he said Smosh pit.

   Later on Ian Hecox joined in on the fun. Anthony and Ian met in Grd. 6 in science class and noticed that they had a great sense of humour which started them to make funny videos. They started there youtube channel in 2005 just lip syncing to Theme songs such as Power Rangers, Mortal Kombat and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. At first, they werent planning on posting them on the internet but they showed there friends these videos and thought that were funny enough to make a Youtube Channel.

Smosh’s first videos Pokemon Theme Song posted in 2005 was rather the same as what they were doing with there other videos but this video got very popular quickly. It got 24.7 million views and was the most viewed video on youtube at the time. It was like this for about 6 months until  Shogokukan Productions Co. Ltd which e-mailed the head of Youtube and told them that the video was copy infringement.

The success of  the Pokemon video later brought them to be people of the year in Peoples Magazine in 2006. This fame later brought them to thought of making different types of videos rather than lip syncing. They later on started making mini-skits and sketch comedies. In 2007 another Youtuber re-uploaded there Pokemon video and got 14.8 million views to this day. Soon enough Anthony and Ian made another video called Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE and that video only got 18 million views.