Winter The Best Season

My favorite season out of all 4 of them is winter. I do like all the other seasons but its just that winter is my favorite.  I will tell you 3 reasons why I think winter is the best season ever.

1. HOCKEY. Hockey is my favorite sport ever and you can only play it in the winter because in the summer they turn the rinks into lacrosse courts. Also if you did play hockey in the summer it would be harder to try and keep the rink cold for the ice. There is also a thing called Spring Hockey. Its Rep Hockey but in the spring. You travel all over the place playing different teams.

2. There is snow up on the mountain so you can go skiing. Skiing is also very fun to do in the winter and it would very hard to ski on rocks and dirt in the summer. It is very fun to ski through all the moguls and go through the trees and around the corners and over the jumps.

3. I also like the weather as weird as it is. I like when its pouring rain outside aqnd you can just be inside watching tv and it just makes it all the more comfortable. I also like when it snows  alot because sometimes it means no school and also when it snows you can build a snowman or a fort.



“Rustle Rustle” thats the sound the leaves make as im pushing through the bushes to find treasure.Lots of people do treasure huntingh all over the world and there is a special name for it. Geocaching. If you come across a geocache they can look like many different shapes and sizes. When you go Geocaching you need to have a GPS to find your way to it. The waypoints would be posted online. When you get to a cache waypoint this is when the fun starts. Many people like to hide the cache in trees and under logs so it can sometimes be very tricky to find. When you find the cache you will have to look out for muggles because they tamper with the cache. Once you open the cache there will be a log book. In it you will write your name, the date and which city or town your from. Also in tghe cache will be things that you can trade like coins and also little toys like cars and small water guns. If you want to take something you will have have to put something back of the same or equal value.


Hey everyone. In this post I am going to write about all of the cases that Adena has.



When Adena first got her iPod, she bought it off of her friend Summer’s older brother. After she first got it, she had only 2 cases that came with the iPod. A plain black one and a plain orange one. Then, one day she went to Victoria for the weekend with her mom and her Aunty to babysit. And instead of getting money from babysitting, she got a new case from Aritzia. A blue striped TNA case. This was Adena’s favourite case for a long, long time until her cousin gave her, her old case which was a Polar Bear! It started out with 2 ears, then one got ripped off, and then the other one got ripped off so now it looks like a white otter. But she still thinks its cute. SO WHATEVER. And then lastly, for the plain green case. One Saturday afternoon, Adena went to go see her friend Mariah. Mariah knows that Adena LOOOOOVES yellow, so she tried to find Adena a plain yellow case. But it was nowhere to be found. So she got her a green case.

And that is the story of all of Adena’s iPod cases.

The End.


Smosh is an internet sensation of two guys, Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. They are the most subscribed channel rounding out at almost 10 million subscribers. There first website started in 2002 when Anthony made it and they called Smosh for there mistook a friend saying mosh pit and thought he said Smosh pit.

   Later on Ian Hecox joined in on the fun. Anthony and Ian met in Grd. 6 in science class and noticed that they had a great sense of humour which started them to make funny videos. They started there youtube channel in 2005 just lip syncing to Theme songs such as Power Rangers, Mortal Kombat and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. At first, they werent planning on posting them on the internet but they showed there friends these videos and thought that were funny enough to make a Youtube Channel.

Smosh’s first videos Pokemon Theme Song posted in 2005 was rather the same as what they were doing with there other videos but this video got very popular quickly. It got 24.7 million views and was the most viewed video on youtube at the time. It was like this for about 6 months until  Shogokukan Productions Co. Ltd which e-mailed the head of Youtube and told them that the video was copy infringement.

The success of  the Pokemon video later brought them to be people of the year in Peoples Magazine in 2006. This fame later brought them to thought of making different types of videos rather than lip syncing. They later on started making mini-skits and sketch comedies. In 2007 another Youtuber re-uploaded there Pokemon video and got 14.8 million views to this day. Soon enough Anthony and Ian made another video called Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE and that video only got 18 million views.






Try a Trade

Try a Trade Pictures

When you are growing up would you like to do a trade? A trade is when you somwething for others like cut someones hair, be a firefighter or be a paramedic. When I grow up I know id want to do a trade. My dad is a carpenter and really looks like he likes so Id want to do something like that too. For school a couple days ago we went to a place called Sandwhick Technical School.

  When my class went there we split up into groups and learned about plumbing, drywall, welding, electrician and carpentry. When I went there my favorite thing was drywall because I liked that you would cut a whole in the whole then put thismesh stuff on it then use the white mud stuff over it. All of the people that were learning all that stuff there were very nice and helpful and knew lots about what they were doing. Although they werent pros at there jobs they still very much.

  Sanwhick is a great place for people to learn about trades and to be a part in them. Also it is a great place for people to have an oppurtunity to learn with working with your hands nstead of being behind a desk all day bored. Right when we got there the first thing they told us about was safety. They provided us with a saftey vest and goggles. Inside they even have a safety poster that says when the last time someone got injured.l Theres said 58 days and that was when they put it up.


Port Angeles

In 1791, a spanish captain named Captain Francisco Eliza sailed into what is now called Port Angeles. He had become the first European to see the harbour. He named the area Peurto De Nuestra Señora De Los Angeles which meant in english Port of Our Lady of Angels. The president at the time was Abraham Lincoln and he assigned Port Angeles as a federal city in 1862. The only one  in Washington D.C.

Port Angeles is on the Olympic Peninsula of the Washington State. Named one of the most scenic places in the United States. The amazing thing about the area is known for having cool rain forests to great mountains to sandy beaches all in the generally same area.

Port Angeles population today is at around 18,397 depending on the pulp and paper mills as well as all of the other attractions in the area. Port Angeles many attractions include the Hot Springs and the Olympic National Park. Hurricane ridge also in the area is known for its amazing view over the mountain ranges. The sand beach there Ediz Hook, the 4 1/2 mile sandbar that goes around the harbour give you a great view of the city and the Olympic mountains.

The weather in Port Angeles is very strange in May because it could be stormy and rainy or it could be hot enough to go to the beach! The Olympic rain shadow is a very cool thing caused by south-by-southwesterly wind blowing rain clouds up and around the Olympic Mountains, blocking rain coming from Pacific storms. What happens is more sun and less rain than in the Seattle area. Airline pilots see this often and they even have a name for it called Blue Hole .

Proof read by Jacob

Proof read by Kyle

TED Talks

Hi bloggers. Today we just watched a video called Ted. In the video they were talking about how if you search something on two different computers, both computers will have different search results. No matter what type of computer, where you are or what signal. When I watched this video it really surprised me that each company would go so far to manipulate what you looked at and change it to things you liked. I also felt that that it would be kinda cool to have things that are related to what you like to look at come up right away so you wouldnt have to search around for it. But then it would kinda be bad because with that happening you couldnt explore and find different things that you might also like. One thing I liked about the video was that he showed so many pictures to try and help us understand what he was telling us and it worked. By watching this video and if I was doing a school search project it will make me think to look more into the research im finding because what comes up will make make me think I have enough because it comes up with stuff that is relevant. One question about the video I watched was how long ago did they figure out that the computers started to change and be in a way better but also in another perspective worse. One inspiring thing that I felt  when I watched the video was that it tought me how confusing and advanced they can make each type of computer.

Gnome Door

  Once upon a time there lived a very sad, poor Gnome with no family. This Gnomes name was Henry. Henry the Gnome lived in the forest under a very mossy rock right next to a river. Henry was a short Gnome like they all are. His hair was red and he had freckles and walked with a limp. His clothes were grubby and had holes in them and he had a little point on the top of his hat.

  One day he was out trying to find some food for his empty stomach when he stumbled over a very strange wooden block. He was trying to figure out what it was. It was about up to his knees and was cherry red. As he stepped around the box he saw a little hole in the side of it just the right size for his hand to fit through. Clueless of what would happen he stuck his hand inside and felt a very rusty feeling lever. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to pull it or not but his brain was telling him too. As he pulled the lever it made a horrifying screeching noise that sounded like nails on a chalkboard. As he pulled it the top of the box folded open and once it fully opened golden light was shining out of it as if a sun was in there.

  Once he looked inside something from behind him booted him inside the box but as he fell in he felt as if the box was getting bigger. Henry thought he was falling for hours but then he finally hit something very silky and soft. He wasn’t sure what it was because it was very dark down there. The only thing he could see was a tiny little candle about 100 feet away. As he struggled to get up he tripped in very funny looking shoes and noticed he was on a hill of gold. As he stumbled down the hill he got to the very bottom and stepped on some sort of tile. As his head turned in the direction of the candle, he started walking over to it. It seemed like he was making no progress because the candle was always the same distance away.

As he was thinking he was getting closer he noticed a very big object up ahead. It looked as if it was coming at him at a very fast pace. Henry didn’t know what to do he just stood there looking at the massive object hurtling towards him. As it got closer to him he noticed it was a big monster with teeth the size of Henry and had big muscles that could crush Henry in a heartbeat. As it was right in front of him the monster ran right through him as if Henry was a ghost! As the monster bound around a corner behind him he was gone. As Curios as Henry was he wanted to follow it but he wanted to go see the candle.

  At the point Henry was at he could see the walls beside him but as he looked up there was no roof. It looked like it went on forever. As he walked up to the candle he realized that there was a door the exact shape as him. The door was built into a very old looking tree with no leaves on the branches. Henry really wanted to get out of this strange place and he was wondering if this was the way out. He looked around him but all he saw was walls and the long hallway. He really didn’t have a choice so he knocked on the door. No answer. He knocked again, louder. Still no answer. The third time he banged as hard as he could and still no one answer. He didn’t want to put up with this anymore so he just stepped inside.

 It was very dark and he couldn’t see anything. Before he could move his feet he got hit in the back of the head and was knocked out. When he woke up he felt a warm light on him. When he got up he noticed that he was right in front of that door that was shaped liked him. He wanted to go back inside but thought he would get hit again so he went back to his old mossy rock right near that same old river and lived happily ever after.

10 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

Many people like to do things before they die. Many people call this a Bucket List.  What people try to do for their bucket list are like conquer their fears or do their most favorite thing. I’m going to show you my 10 things I want to do before I die.

1} Become famous! Pretty much what most people want is to become famous because that means money and fame and that’s really only anyone wants. Why I want to become famous is also because of the money and fame but the main reason is just for the fun of it and just have a great time.

2} Go to a great restaurant. There are many good restaurants in the world like in Vancouver and Victoria but the really great restaurants are in places like Thailand and Maui. But actually a lot of really good food places are just come in and eat and aren’t even a 4-5 star diner.

3} Conquer my greatest fear. Almost everyone that make a bucket list always want to try and get over there fear. And everyone hates spiders so that’s what my biggest fear is. The reason I hate it is because of its long hairy legs and its creepy mouth thing. All in all its the scariest thing in the world. Rather than your mom getting mad at you.

4} Get really good at my favorite thing. My favorite thing to do is play the drums. I’ve been playing them for awhile and I guess I’m alright but I want to get really good. I want to be in a famous band when I’m older and to get there it’s going to take a long time and many hours’ even days of practice.

5} Not be so lazy! In my life I realized that I am actually pretty lazy and don’t do much around the house or anything at all. So to try and get better at being not so lazy is simple. Not be so lazy!

6} Help someone right before they’re about to die. Not like some cheesy way in a movie like I’d run and dive and take a bullet for someone or push someone out of the way of a moving train. I’d want to save someone from like eating something poisonous or having something really stupid on their bucket list!

7} Travel places. Many people like to go to regular boring places like the Caribbean or Maui. I want to go to the moon! The reason I want to go to the moon is because only a handful of people ever get to go up there. It would be very expensive to go up but it really would be worth the money because that is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

8} Meet someone famous. Now there are a lot of celebrities and just famous people out there but if I had to choose someone it would have to be Chuck Norris. First reason is because he is in many cool movies and they all make him look like he is the greatest person ever. Second reason i’d want to meet him is because maybe we could become friends and once something like a Zombie Apocalypse comes along he would be my first go-to.

9} Find a new sport. I also already play a couple sports but if I tried to find a new one it would most definitely be an extreme sport like sky-diving or bun-jee jumping. One that I would choose would absolutely have to be volcano boarding. Volcano boarding is exactly what the name says. 50 mph down a volcano with only a board for protection. Awesome

10} And the final one is learn how to say ‘hello’ in 50 languages. This would be very helpful if you really liked to travel around the world. You could just go up to someone all friendly like and say hello in Spanish. The only awkward moment is when they say something after that and you have no idea what it is so you don’t know what to say.